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Welcome to Feature Request Forum

This will be a permanent list of feature requests by users of MeshMail.

Meshworks encourages our users to help us develop products that that are user friendly and respond as you would expect them to.

This list can also include changes to features that already exist and need adjustments. If the feature already exists please include the title of the section that you feel needs adjustments and how you think it could be improved.

Thanks for your help.

Meshworks Staff

I am just a new user, but I'd love to see the contact mailing list area have the ability to separate lists into folders... this way we could mail to a folder that may be distinctly different from another folder of people... thanks.

That actually is a great idea! While our contact area provides the ability to create lists, folders within those lists would be helpful. Thanks for the suggestion! 

I really like the format of your templates... it'd be great to be able to place a picture instead of a video in case we are highlighting a published article (or me holding a note saying hi to whoever I am emailing!) that they can click on to download... just a thought. Also, having the ability to add our own thumbnail the recipient sees when they get the email. 

Thank you! We are glad you like them. Actually those things you suggested should be coming in future upgrades. We agree that sometimes the image the system selects as the main image isn't exactly flattering! We have all been caught in mid sentence a time or two with our mouth open or eyes closed. 

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