Getting started with MeshMail is easy.

When first creating a message, we believe it is easiest to have your media assets such as your videos, presentations, header logos and images for backgrounds already loaded. To find out how to load content in your library, please visit this tutorial. 

Once you log into MeshMail, you will be automatically taken to the message creation page. On the left side of the screen, you will see your navigation panel where you have the ability to page back and forth between all of the areas of MeshMail. The message setup menu is on the right, where you can select templates, title your messages, select recipients, etc. The message creation pane is in the center of the screen.

- Begin by selecting a template. 

We have four templates to choose from. Two of our templates have the ability to have two different media assets (videos/slideshows/records) while the other two templates will just have one media assets. 

- Next, select a background if you want one. If you do not upload and select a background image, it will just be a solid gray background.

- Then choose a header logo if you want your company logo on the message. Whichever logo you select here will appear both at the top of your MeshMail and in your recipients inbox.

- Type in a subject line like you would any normal email. Use something catchy to grab your recipients attention! 

- Type in a message teaser to entice or further disclose your messages' intentions to your audience to open the MeshMail. This will be a secondary line of text to the subject line in the email inbox.

- Adding “call to action” links can drive your audience wherever you want them to go. Some examples could be to your website, online catalogs, your social media pages, a donate now page, or any other web link you chose. You can rename these links as you see fit and change the colors of the link buttons as well.

- If you need to attach documents, simply click on the “add attachment” button and select the attachments from your computer files or your library within MeshMail. Remember, size is no problem so any large files that cannot be transferred by conventional email can be attached to a MeshMail. 

Now you’re ready to send your message. Enter your individual recipients or you can select from your mailing lists.

You can preview your message before you send it to see how it will look in your audiences’ inbox. You can go back and edit if you’re not happy with the look of it.  Once you have the message exactly how you want it, simply click send and you’re done!

Please note that all messages you are working on are saved in your drafts before they are sent out. If you need to get out of MeshMail for any reason, don’t panic! We have it saved for you automatically. To open it back up, simply login, go to Messages, then Drafts and your message is waiting for you.

The best way to learn how to use MeshMail is to log in, look around, practice and have fun! 

Click the links below to find out more about each section.

1. Select a template and background.

2. Add content to your library.

3. Fill out the Message preview title and subject line.

4. Add recipients or select a mailing list.

5.Preview and send your message.