This video walks through how to select a template and background for a MeshMail message. Also, we discuss the different features for each of the four templates. 

MeshMail offers you four templates to choose from.  All four templates come with 5 “call to action” links that can be added. These can direct your audience to your website, a “buy now” link,

to make donations, to your facebook page…whatever you'd like. We leave that up to you.

1. Template One offers one large video in the center of the template. This can be recorded directly from your device or selected from your media library in the MeshMail suite.

2. Template Two allows you to have an introduction video that again, can be recorded directly from your device for a more personal message, or selected from your media library. The second media asset on this template can be a video or a slide show presentation from your library.  This template also gives you the ability to type a message and add any additional information you may want to give your recipient in the area provided.

3. Template Three is just like template two but without the area for text.

4. Template Four offers one small video in the upper left hand area of the template. This is what we consider our “post card” or “business card” message. It allows for more background area for you to use however you see fit.

5. Once your template is chosen, you can select a background that works best for you. The backgrounds are images that are currently in your library and they do not come preloaded. We allow you the ability to upload whatever images you want for your background selections by pressing the upload button or just add the image to your library. Navigate through your background images by pressing the previous and next buttons.

MeshMail will automatically re-size your images if necessary. If the original image is too small, it will stretch it out and it may look pixelated. If the original image is large, it will shrink it to fit.

A good default image size to start is 800 x 600

We hope this will help you get started on selecting your templates and backgrounds. 

Follow these to complete a MeshMail message:

1. Select a template and background.

2. Add content to your library.

3. Fill out the Message preview title and subject line..

4. Add recipients or select a mailing list..

5. Preview and send your message..

Click the links above to learn more about each section.