MeshMail lets you add content to your library in several different ways.

One way is adding them directly into the library on the Manage Library Screen. We have outlined the steps below. 

Once you log into Meshmail, click on Library on the left side navigation panel.

This will take you to the Manage Library page. Here you can upload a video, a photo, a presentation and

even documents you may want to attach to a message. You would simply Drag & Drop the file from your computer to the Upload Media box. Or you Click Here in the 

box to browse your files for the item you wish to upload and select it. 

You will see a progress bar. Once the progress bar is complete, it will need to "process". 

Feel free to do navigate throughout the system while it is processing. You can 

come back to the library and check the progress at any time. 

YouTube Video

From the Manage Library page you can also add a YouTube Video to any message. To do this, you would

simply click Add YouTube Video. Type a name for the video in the Title box. Copy the full or long form

URL link from YouTube and paste it into the YouTube URL box. It will not accept the short form URL link.

Click Save. Your YouTube Video is now saved to your media library. It’s just that simple!

You can also add items to the library from the Message Creation screen. 

Record a new video

This button allows you to record a new video now from your computer camera, laptop, or mobile device. Once recorded, the video will be automatically uploaded to the library. 

Add slide show

On the templates that have two media assets, you have the option to add a slide show. To do this, first select a two video template, then you will notice in the main media area you can click on Add a Slide Show. These slide shows or PowerPoints will be added to your message, as well as saved in your library automatically. 

Backgrounds and headers

Backgrounds and headers (logos, banners or whatever you want to appear at the top of the message and in the "inbox") can be added directly from the create message screen. 

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Select a template and background..

2. Add content to your library..

3. Fill out the Message preview title and subject line..

4. Add recipients or select a mailing list.

5. Preview and send your message..

Click the links above to learn more about each section.