The message title and subject line are the first thing your recipients will see in their inbox.

View the images below for examples of how MeshMail will appear in the inbox.

These fields will be required when creating a message.

1. Message Teaser.

This text is displayed in the inbox and is meant to be one more way you entice your audience to open your MeshMail video email message.

2. Subject line:

This is displayed in the inbox as the Subject line just like traditional email.

3. Message from:

This area should be automatically filled in by MeshMail. You can change this information if you want.

Your name and email address will be added to your message and show up in the inbox as the return address.

Here is a preview of what will be displayed in your recipients email inbox.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Select a template and background.

2. Add content to your library.

3. Fill out the Message preview title and subject line.

4. Add recipients or select a mailing list.

5. Preview and send your message.

Click the links above to learn more about each section.