Things to know:

  • CSV stands for Comma Separated Values
  • CSV is the most common file type for transferring contact lists.
  • Break Return means press Enter on your keyboard to return cursor to the next line.

Here is a simplified example of a CSV opened in notepad.


Gene,Smith,[email protected],555-848-7878

The first row are the labels. Separated by commas, no spaces, ending with a break return.

The second row are the values. Separated by commas, no spaces, ending with a break return.

This is a simplified example showing where break returns should be located in your CSV file.


Gene,Smith,[email protected],555-848-7878,<br>

Brian,Wilson,[email protected],555-789-4521,<br>

Most email software such as Outlook have more fields than just First name, Last name, Email address, and Phone number.
Examples of other fields would be: Sir Name, Company, and Birthday, Outlook has over 80 fields.

If you left these other fields blank when you exported the list there will be blank entries in your exported CSV file.

Here is an example of a CSV with blank fields opened in notepad.

Gene, , , , Smith, , , , [email protected], , , , , 555-848-7878, , , , , 

CSV files with blank fields are fine to use for importing into MeshMail.

The MotionMail import tool will prompt you with a drop down box asking you to label each of the fields.