To view messages you have sent or saved.

Choose messages from the bottom of the left side navigation.


Any messages you have sent will be displayed here.

Subject line of the message.
Who the message was sent to.

Date message was sent.

How many times the message was viewed.

Copy button - allows you to reuse this message again.

Delete Selected will delete any message marked with a check and be moved to the Trash tab.

Archive will move the message from the Sent tab to the Archive tab


When creating a new message your progress is saved here every time your mouse clicks on a new field.

If you hit Save while creating a new message it will be saved here.

If you are in the middle of creating a new message and navigate away from the creation page. Your message will be saved here.

Messages deleted from the drafts tab will be moved to the Trash tab.


Any messages that are set to archive from your Sent box will be moved here.
This is a great place to store past messages you would like to continue to monitor or save.

Clicking Restore Selected will move the message back into the Sent tab.


Any items deleted from the Sent, Drafts, and Archive area will be placed in the Trash.

Any item Deleted from the Trash area will be permanently removed.

There is a restore button that will move any message out of the Trash tab back into the Sent tab.

If you are having problems removing items from you library, be sure to empty the Trash tab.