Our system requires a two step process for making your video available for use. First it is uploaded, second it is processed. 

The upload speeds can vary greatly due to internet speed, signal strength on wifi networks and internet browsers. If the progress bar on the upload isn't moving at all, it is likely the upload has failed. Please try again. The internet connection may have caused a minor issue that prevented it from uploading. If you still are having trouble uploading your video, you may want to try to:

Test your upload speeds to ensure you're getting optimal speeds

Disable any browser extensions or ad-blocking software

Update your browser to the most recent version

End or pause any activities on your network that might be consuming bandwidth (movies, online games, other uploads or downloads, etc.)

Wait a few minutes and try uploading again. 

Once the video upload is complete, it begins to process. This “processing” can go very quickly or it may take a little while. This is because we are transcoding the videos into a different file format that makes them viewable across any device.  While it may take a little longer, it makes for a much better viewing experience for your audience. While the video’s are “processing”, you are free to navigate around MeshMail and do other things and come back to it later.