1.  Open the Address Book application on the Apple computer running Mac OS X.

2.  Click the "File" menu and then click "Import" to open a file selection window. 

3.  Navigate and click on the ABBU file and then click the "Open" button. The ABBU file imports into the Address Book program. 

4.  Select all the contacts you want to export or press CMD-A to select them all. 

5.  Press CMD-C (copy to clipboard).

6.  Open a new empty Numbers document.

7.  Press CMD-V to paste the contacts from your clipboard.

8.  Click "File" on the toolbar in the Numbers application and then click "Export" to open the Export Format window. 

9.  Click the "CSV" tab in the Export Format window.

10.  Click the "Unicode (UTF-8)" option and then click the "Next" button.

11.  Type a name for the CSV file to be exported into the File Name field.

This CSV file is ready to load into your Contacts in MeshMail.