There are several reasons your MeshMail could be marked as SPAM. Let's go through a few of them....

  • You have never previously contacted the person you are sending the message to. Since MeshMail is a unique service and depending on how stringent your recipients' spam filters are set, it could be possible that a new contact's email client will mark a MeshMail as spam. We suggest establishing contact with your new contact first and then follow up with a MeshMail. 

  • You are using your same email domain name in the "to" and "from" sections. Maybe you are wanting to send yourself a test MeshMail...if you send and receive from the same email domain or address (For example, [email protected] sends a MeshMail to himself at [email protected]), the message will most likely be marked as spam.

  • You have used language in your subject lines or teasers that look suspicious or fake. Spam filters pay attention to what you say. We suggest not using a lot of capital letters, crazy characters or "fake" sounding content.

  • You have a contact list that is full of inactive or bad email addresses. Clean out your contact list quite regularly. Keeping up with emails addresses can help you pass spam filters and increase your deliverability.