On average it might take a little bit longer than most video sharing websites. However, because we pre-cache our videos this means there won't be any buffering when the email is received and viewed. It makes for a more pleasant viewing experience. 

You can see how far along the video is in the process on the progress bar. The upload speeds can also vary greatly due to internet speed, signal strength on wifi networks and internet browsers. If the progress bar isn't moving at all, it is likely that the upload has failed. Please try again. 


Once the video upload is complete, it begins to process. This “processing” can go very quickly or it may take a little while. This is because we are transcoding the videos into a different file format that makes them viewable on any device. While it may take a little longer, it makes for a much better viewing experience for your audience.

So, a good rule of thumb is the longer the video is, the longer it will take to upload. The good news is that you don't have to be on the Library page while the video processes! You can continue to work on building your messages or contact lists while the video works in the background.