MeshMail now has the ability to create and send custom newsletters that include video! There are three templates to choose from, as well as several little features you can utilize to customize the message fully to your brand. 

- To begin, click on the "Newsletter" tab towards the top of the navigation bar on the left-hand side of your screen. This will take you to the screen to select your newsletter templates.

- As you can see, there are three templates. All templates have the ability to add a header image like a logo, social media links, links, text, and media files like recorded video, uploaded video, photos, and YouTube Videos. The difference between the three templates is the layout and number of media assets you can add. You also have the ability to customize your message a little further by changing the font. One thing you cannot add to the newsletter templates that you can to other MeshMail messages is attachments.

- Much like the original MeshMail templates, all areas are fillable by clicking on each area and selecting the assets from your library or uploading into the message. Below is an example of template filled in with an example message for RE/MAX.


- The final task to complete before sending is to select your text style, subject and teaser lines, sending time, and your audience. All of this can be done on the right-hand setup panel just like with the original MeshMail messages. You can preview or save for later, or if you feel ready, press send!